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Jan 9, 2018

Wouldn’t it be awesome to message a business just like you message a friend at any time of the day? And the friend messages you back with the same excitement?! A quick and instant reply is even better because we all love instant responses. What’s more, texting doesn’t even take your full attention like a phone call would. And all this without having to install a new app. Well, that’s the disruptive power of TrilyoBot, and we’re just getting started!

Neelam says:

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What would you say to someone who thinks chatbots can be impersonal?
Mar 23, 4:59AM EDT0 Reply
Who should be considering getting a chatbot for their business?
Mar 23, 12:07AM EDT0 Reply
What are the most interesting uses of chatbots that you have seen?
Mar 22, 2:19PM EDT0 Reply

How does the Chatbot work?

Mar 21, 9:48AM EDT0 Reply

What is a avg. cost/time of implementation of your tool? What conversion rates based on historical data could you expect in compare to popups/exit popups/welcome mats? 

Mar 3, 7:56AM EST0 Reply

Would you be wiling to use your technology to help the government's projects?

Feb 5, 8:53PM EST0 Reply

Are you concerned that technologies like this may soon devalue the importance of genuine person-to-person interactions?

Feb 5, 8:50PM EST0 Reply

What do you think would be the expected operational cost for this technology when it gets applied by businesses?

Feb 4, 1:54AM EST0 Reply

Are you getting any form of support from different organizations or well-known personalities?

Feb 2, 8:03PM EST0 Reply

How can you assure the sharpness of the A.I's interpretation of the messages it receives and the accuracy of its responses?

Jan 31, 8:08PM EST0 Reply

How many companies are currently using Trilybot?

Jan 31, 3:14PM EST0 Reply

How do you plan to gain exposure for this innovation of yours? What steps would you take?

Jan 31, 7:15AM EST0 Reply

How is this better than the current forms of social media and instant messaging that businesses use?

Jan 30, 10:43PM EST0 Reply


First of all. your business will be available- 24*7 and you won't have to rely on a human being. Also, an AI-chatbot can solve several real-time queries that a normal person can't always do! When it comes to social media, you will need a chat-agent to solve customer queries Trilyo bot is an AI-powered bot that helps you to cut all the intermediaries and solve the queries on time and no need for human attention. From booking a room to check-out all your assistance will be provided by our bot.

For more:Trilyo

Feb 2, 6:51AM EST0

Would you be willing to sell your rights or patents to a leading technology giant?

Jan 30, 10:40PM EST0 Reply

Is this intended for business communications only or can it be used for personal communications as well?

Jan 30, 6:13AM EST0 Reply

Hi, Trilyo is rendering services to B2B industry, by engaging customers with the brands so making it more relevant.

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Feb 2, 7:24AM EST0

Is this technology going to bring in more benefits to businesses or for consumers?

Jan 29, 6:27PM EST0 Reply

Why do you think businesses will need the TrilyoBot?

Jan 9, 3:22PM EST0 Reply

Part of being a human being means having limitations, and Trilyo makes it possible for businesses to overcome these with a live virtual assistant that never sleeps. Our conversation-driven platform which we proudly call Trilyo Chatbot, or TrilyoBot, is run by Artificial intelligence which makes it all the more powerful than other messaging platforms or live chats.

Jan 25, 12:02AM EST0

What programs were used to develop the TrilyoBot?

Jan 9, 12:27PM EST0 Reply

In your opinion, what is the beauty of technology?

Jan 9, 8:43AM EST0 Reply

How important is it for us to learn how to make use of technology?

Jan 9, 7:34AM EST0 Reply
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